Number 67

67. The faith of the new heaven and of the new church in a universal concept, is this:


The Lord from eternity, who is Jehovah, came into the world so that He could subjugate the hells, and glorify His Human; and without this, no mortal would have been able to be saved; and they who believe in Him are saved.


This is said to be in a universal concept because this a universal of faith, and a universal of faith is something that will be in all things and in the individual things.


It is a universal of faith that God is one in person and in essence, in whom is the Trinity, and that the Lord is this God.


It is a universal of faith that no mortal would have been able to be saved unless the Lord came into the world.


It is a universal of faith that He came into the world so that He could move hell away from people, and He moved it away through battles against it, and through victories over it. So He subjugated it, and drove it back into order and under obedience to Him.

It is also a universal of faith that He came into the world so that He could glorify His Human (which He took on in the world), that is, unite it with the Divine from which it came. Thus He keeps hell, having been subjugated by Him, in order and under obedience to Him to eternity. Since neither of these could have happened other than through temptations, even to the last of them, and the last of them was the passion of the cross, He underwent this.

These are the universals of faith about the Lord.


It is a universal of the Christian faith on the part of a person that he should believe in the Lord. For believing in the Lord causes conjunction with Him, through which salvation occurs. To believe in Him is to have trust that He saves. And because someone cannot have this trust unless he lives well, this is also what believing in Him means.


These two universals of the Christian faith have been specifically dealt with. The first, which looks to the Lord, in The Doctrine of the Lord, and the other, which looks to a person, in The Doctrine of Charity, and The Doctrine of Faith, and The Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem. And both are being dealt with now in the explanations of Revelation.


Number 66

66. “And the seven lamp stands which you saw are the seven churches,” signifies the new church on earth, which is the New Jerusalem coming down from the Lord out of the new heaven.


It was shown above, in n. 43, that “the lamp stands” are the church. And because “seven” signifies all (n. 10), “seven lamp stands” do not mean seven churches, but the church as a complete whole, which is one in itself, but varied according to its reception. These variations can be compared to the various diadems in a king’s crown. They can also be compared to the various limbs and organs in a complete body, which still make a unit. The completeness of every form from various one comes from them being placed appropriately in their order. It is from this that the entire new church with its varieties will now be described in the following, through the seven churches.

Number 65

65. “The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches,” signifies the new church in the heavens, which is the new heaven.


The church is just as much in the heavens as it is on earth, for the Word is just as much in the heavens as it is on earth, and there are doctrines from it, and there are sermons from it.[1] This church is the new heaven, about which something was said in the preface. The reason “the seven stars” mean the church in the heavens, or the new church, is that Continue Reading »

Number 64

64. (Verse 20) “The mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand, and the seven golden lamp stands,” signifies the secrets in the visions about the new heaven and the new church.


It will be seen in what comes next that “the seven stars” signify the church in the heavens, and “the seven lamp stands” the church on earth.

Number 63

63. (Verse 19) “Write the things you have seen, and which are to be afterwards.” It is clear without explanation that this signifies so that all the things which are now being revealed may exist for a future generation.

Number 62

62. “And I have the keys of hell and death,” signifies that only He can save.


“Keys” signify the power to open and close, and here, the power to open hell, so that a person can be lead out, and the power to close, so that when he has been lead out, he does not go back in. For a person is born into evils of every kind, and so in hell, Continue Reading »

Number 61

61. “Amen,” signifies a Divine confirmation that this is the truth.


It was shown earlier, in n. 23, that “amen” is the truth, which is the Lord.